Title:Quantum Journal Club: Micromachined integrated quantum circuit containing a superconducting qubit
Speaker: Xianghao Mu Tsinghua University
Time: 2016-12-01 16:00-2016-12-01 17:00


We present a device demonstrating a lithographically patterned transmon integrated with a micromachined cavity resonator. Our two-cavity, one-qubit device is a multilayer microwave integrated quantum circuit (MMIQC), comprising a basic unit capable of performing circuit-QED (cQED) operations. We describe the qubit-cavity coupling mechanism of a specialized geometry using an electric field picture and a circuit model, and finally obtain specific system parameters using simulations. Fabrication of the MMIQC includes lithography, etching, and metallic bonding of silicon wafers. Superconducting wafer bonding is a critical capability that is demonstrated by a micromachined storage cavity lifetime 34.3 µs, corresponding to a quality factor of 2 million at single-photon energies. The transmon coherence times are T1 = 6.4 µs, and T Echo 2 = 11.7 µs. We measure qubit-cavity dispersive coupling with rate χqµ/2π = −1.17 MHz, constituting a Jaynes-Cummings system with an interaction strength g/2π = 49 MHz. With these parameters we are able to demonstrate cQED operations in the strong dispersive regime with ease. Finally, we highlight several improvements and anticipated extensions of the technology to complex MMIQCs.