No. 讲座题目 主讲人 时间 地址
4 Optimal rates for independence testing via permutation tests Tom Berrett
University of Warwick
2021-04-06 16:00-17:30 Online
3 Succinct Blind Quantum Computation Using a Random Oracle Jiayu Zhang
Boston University
2021-03-25 14:00-15:30 FIT1-202
2 How fast can we solve NP-complete problem? Mingyu Xiao
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC)
2021-03-22 16:00-17:00 FIT1-222
1 Total variance and invariant information in complementary measurements 陈斌
2021-01-15 13:30-14:30 MMW S327 +Online (Tencent Meeting App: 316-363-241 Password: 1984)