No. 讲座题目 主讲人 时间 地址
4 Quantum communication complexity of block-composed functions Yaoyun Shi
EECS, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2007-05-29 14:00-15:00 FIT Building 4-603, Tsinghua University
3 Post Quantum Signatures Johannes buchmann
Technische Universität Darmstadt
2007-03-14 14:30-15:30 FIT Building,Tsinghua University
2 Search via Quantum Walks Ashwin Nayak
University of Waterloo, and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
2006-03-21 14:30-14:30 FIT-1-222
1 From Quantum Computers to Identification of Molecules Tal Mor
Computer Science Department,Technion, Haifa, Israel
2005-09-06 14:30-15:30 FIT-1-222, Tsinghua University