IIIS Holds the First SIG Project Proposal of Yaoclass

January 03,2014 Views: 0

(By Shuai Sun) The start of the New Year brought the launch of IIIS study and scientific innovative activities in 2014. The first SIG project proposal of Yaoclass was held in Room 1-222, FIT Building, on the afternoon of January 2, in which five groups presented their research projects. Prof. Longbo Huang, Prof. Qiangsheng Hua and Prof. Wei Xu were invited to attend this meeting and advise on the projects.


IIIS SIG, Student Interest Group, is an academic project proposed by Yaoclass League General Brunch, aiming to help Yaoclass students explore their academic interests. Every SIG project shall be carried out for six months at least and the performance report and academic achievement exhibition will be held in next semester. The finally selected SIG will be provided with various supports from IIIS.