Shun Hing Group Vice Chairman Mr. David Mong Visits IIIS

January 07,2014 Views: 0

(By Shuai Sun) Mong Man Wai Building of Science and Technology of Tsinghua University was inaugurated on campus on January 6, 2014. This event was witnessed by members of teachers and students from IIIS, members of relevant schools at Tsinghua University as well as a number of distinguished guests, including Jining Chen, President of Tsinghua University, Shengyao Jiang, vice president of Tsinghua University and chairman of Tsinghua University Education Foundation, David Mong, vice chairman of Shun Hing Group and chairman of the Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund and Minyi Zhang, vice chairman of the Shun Hing Education and Charity Fund. Shengyao Jiang hosted the inauguration ceremony.


David Mong and other distinguished guests paid an inaugural visit to some high-tech laboratories in the building after the unveiling of a new plaque for Mong Man Wai Building of Science and Technology. Prof. Luming Duan, IIIS CC Yao Professor and vice chairman of Center for Quantum Information, presented the construction planning of IIIS labs in Mong Man Wai Building covering Network Systems Lab, Clean Room and Superconducting Lab, etc. Jining Chen and David Mong expressed their concern about the labs in the conversation with IIIS teachers and students.  


David Mong also had a warm chat with Jiajun Wu from Yao Class 2010, appreciating Jiajun’s academic research achievements and Tsinghua Top Talent Scholarship honor during his undergraduate study. 


In October 2013, IIIS started its facilities establishment in Mong Man Wai Building of Science and Technology, with some laboratories under construction covering frontier domains in Computer Science and Quantum Information, which will greatly improve the current teaching and scientific research condition, and serve as the significant support for IIIS development.