Tsinghua University Quantum Summer School 2011 Starts

July 04,2011 Views: 0

 The Summer School on “Frontiers of Quantum Information Science” starts on June 4 with the presence of IIIS Dean Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Deputy Dean Prof. Amy Yuexuan Wang and CC Yao Professor Prof. Luming Duan. More than 150 researchers, graduate and upper-classs undergraduate students join the Summer School.


Prof. Yao gives a talk on quantum information at the Summer School.

Quantum Summer School 2011 aims to bring together the leading experts from different fields to lecture on various frontiers of quantum information sciences. It covers various topics including overview of quantum computation and quantum complexity, quantum algorithms, quantum error correction and fault-tolerant computation, implementation of quantum computation and network, topological quantum computation, quantum cryptography, quantum game theory, quantum information theory and many-body physics. Its invited speakers are Prof. Andrew C. C. Yao (Tsinghua University), Prof. Luming Duan (University of Michigan & Tsinghua University), Prof. Robert Raussendorf (UBC, Canada), Prof. Yaoyun Shi (University of Michigan), Prof. Xiangbin Wang (Tsinghua University), Prof. Zhenghan Wang (Microsoft Q station and UCSB), Prof. Xiaogang Wen (MIT & Tsinghua University) and Prof. Shengyu Zhang (CUHK).

Prof. Amy Wang and Prof. Luming Duan remark at the Summer School.

Prof. Yao gave the first lecture entitled “Introduction to Quantum Information”. As a leading scientist in network communication complexity theory, Prof. Yao’s research interests are in theory of computation and its applications to cryptography and quantum computing. He has made several pioneering contributions among the first few computer scientists in the area of quantum information. Prof. Yao first developed the quantum communication complexity in 1993, which has laid the theoretical foundations for quantum computer. He developed the distributed quantum computation model in 1995, which has evolved into the basics of distributed quantum algorithms and quantum communication protocol security.

In the interview with CCTV and Chinanews, Prof. Yao said that the purpose of the Summer School is to enable young researchers to gain some exposure into quantum information as well as recruit postdoctoral research fellows and graduates students for Center for Quantum Information at Tsinghua University.

Group photo of Quantum Summer School 2011