President Gu’s Remark at the Inauguration Ceremony of IIIS and CQI

January 19,2011 Views: 0


Distinguished Vice President Jiaguang of NSFC, Deputy Director Lei, Distinguished Prof. Andrew Yao, ladies and gentlemen, 

  Today is special and worth remembering as we join together at the Inauguration Ceremony of Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences and Center for Quantum Information at Tsinghua University. 

  First of all, on behalf of Tsinghua University, I’d like to extend our warmest congratulations to the inauguration of Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences and Center for Quantum Information. I’d also like to thank Prof. Yao for his efforts in promoting the development of interdisciplinary information sciences.  

  In the 20th century, the emergence and development of information science and technology has witnessed great changes in people’s living and way of production. Moreover, the further development of information science in the 21st century depends on the exploration of new fundamentals and method, the most effective method of which lies in the interaction between information science and other disciplines. Prof. Yao has always been devoted to interdisciplinary research. And he has made outstanding academic achievements from his sound background in Physics and Computer Science. Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences was initiated by Prof. Yao and regarded as an important step in Tsinghua’s endeavor towards a world-leading university. Its establishment will greatly promote the interaction of information science and physics, mathematics, as well as life science and social sciences, thus promoting the innovative development of information science around the world while cultivating the next generation of scientific talents in China. I’m fully confident that under the leadership of Prof. Yao, Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences will witness rapid development and grow into a world-class institution for research and talent cultivation. And it will make greater contributions to the advancement of science across world as well as the social development in China.

I’d also like to say that since he became a Professor at Tsinghua University six years ago, Prof. Yao with his excellent academic achievement, rich teaching experiences and profound international influence, has been devoted to innovative talent cultivation and research work at Tsinghua, while leading a number of young students to reach the cutting edge of computer science. His research team has demonstrated great potential in generating first-class research results. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Yao and extend my appreciation to the support for him and Tsinghua University from the Ministry of Education and National Natural Science Foundation of China. We at Tsinghua University will continue to give our full support to Prof. Yao and we sincerely wish Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences and Center for Quantum Information make greater achievement in the future.