Title:Quantum Journal Club: Comparing and combining measurement-based and driven-dissi
Speaker: Ling Hu Tsinghua University
Time: 2015-10-14 15:30-2015-10-14 16:30
Venue:MMW S327


We demonstrate and contrast two approaches to the stabilization of qubit entanglement by feedback. Our demonstration is built on a feedback platform consisting of two superconducting qubits coupled to a cavity which are measured by a nearly-quantum-limited measurement chain and controlled by high-speed classical logic circuits. This platform is used to stabilize entanglement by two nominally distinct schemes: a "passive" reservoir engineering method and an "active" correction based on conditional parity measurements. In view of the instrumental roles that these two feedback paradigms play in quantum error-correction and quantum control, we directly compare them on the same experimental setup. Further, we show that a second layer of feedback can be added to each of these schemes, which heralds the presence of a high-fidelity entangled state in realtime. This "nested" feedback brings about a marked entanglement fidelity improvement without sacrificing success probability.

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