Title:Quantum Journal Club: Condensation of Pairs of Fermionic Atoms near a Feshbach
Speaker: Haoxiang Yang Tsinghua University
Time: 2015-05-29 15:00-2015-05-29 16:00
Venue:MMW S327


We have observed Bose-Einstein condensation of pairs of fermionic atoms in an ultracold 6Li gas at magnetic fields above a Feshbach resonance, where no stable 6Li2 molecules would exist in vacuum.We accurately determined the position of the resonance to be 822 3 G. Molecular Bose-Einstein condensates were detected after a fast magnetic field ramp, which transferred pairs of atoms at close distances into bound molecules. Condensate fractions as high as 80% were obtained. The large condensate fractions are interpreted in terms of preexisting molecules which are quasistable even above the two-body Feshbach resonance due to the presence of the degenerate Fermi gas.

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