Title:Quantum Journal Club: Chip-Scale Nanofabrication of Single Spins and Spin Arrays
Speaker: Dr. Li He Tsinghua University
Time: 2015-01-08 15:00-2015-01-08 16:00
Venue:CQI meeting room


We demonstrate a technique to nanofabricate nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in diamond based on broad-beam nitrogen implantation through apertures in electron beam lithography resist. This method enables high-throughput nanofabrication of single NV centers on sub-100-nm length scales. Secondary ion mass spectroscopy measurements facilitate depth profiling of the implanted nitrogen to provide three-dimensional characterization of the NV center spatial distribution. Measurements of NV center coherence with on-chip coplanar waveguides suggest a pathway for incorporating this scalable nanofabrication technique in future quantum applications.

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