Title:Quantum Journal Club: Detection and Control of Individual Nuclear Spins Using a
Speaker: Weibin Wang Tsinghua University
Time: 2014-12-25 15:00-2014-12-25 16:00
Venue:CQI meeting room


We experimentally isolate, characterize, and coherently control up to six individual nuclear spins that are weakly coupled to an electron spin in diamond. Our method employs multipulse sequences on the electron spin that resonantly amplify the interaction with a selected nuclear spin and at the same time dynamically suppress decoherence caused by the rest of the spin bath.We are able to address nuclear spins with interaction strengths that are an order of magnitude smaller than the electron spin dephasing rate. Our results provide a route towards tomography with single-nuclear-spin sensitivity and greatly extend the number of available quantum bits for quantum information processing in diamond.

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