Title:Quantum Journal Club: Bose-Einstein Condensation of Atoms in a Uniform Potential
Speaker: Liyuan Qiu Tsinghua University
Time: 2014-12-04 15:00-2014-12-04 16:00
Venue:FIT 1-222


We have observed the Bose-Einstein condensation of an atomic gas in the (quasi)uniform threedimensional potential of an optical box trap. Condensation is seen in the bimodal momentum distribution and the anisotropic time-of-flight expansion of the condensate. The critical temperature agrees with the theoretical prediction for a uniform Bose gas. The momentum distribution of a noncondensed quantumdegenerate gas is also clearly distinct from the conventional case of a harmonically trapped sample and close to the expected distribution in a uniform system. We confirm the coherence of our condensate in a matter-wave interference experiment. Our experiments open many new possibilities for fundamental studies of many-body physics.

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