Title:Quantum Group Seminar: Scaling of quasiparticle tunneling in fractional quantum
Speaker: Prof. Zi-xiang Hu Chongqing University
Time: 2014-06-12 15:00-2014-06-12 16:00
Venue:FIT 1-222


Motivated by the recent interference experiments in paired quantum Hall systems at filling fraction 5/2, which was proposed to be a candidate state for topological quantum computation. we study the scaling behavior in the amplitude of fractionally-charged quasiparticles tunneling between the two edges of an annulus. In the effective field analysis, the scaling behavior can be attributed to the propagation and tunneling of charged quasielectrons and quasiholes. In the limit when the annulus deforms continuously into a quasi-one-dimensional ring, we find the exact functional form of the tunneling amplitude for the Laughlin and Moore-Read cases, which allows us to extract the conformal dimensions of the quasiparticles.

Phys. Rev. B 77, 165316 (2008)
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