Group:Quantum Information Group
Title:Quantum Journal Club
Speaker: Fei Wang, Yunfei Pu University
Time: 2012-05-17 16:00-2012-05-17 17:00
Venue:CQI Meeting Room


 Title: Trapping Rydberg Atoms in an Optical Lattice 

Rubidium Rydberg atoms are laser excited and subsequently trapped in a one-dimensional optical lattice (wavelength 1064 nm). Efficient trapping is achieved by a lattice inversion immediately after laser excitation using an electro-optic technique. The trapping efficiency is probed via analysis of the trap induced shift of the two-photon  microwave transition 50S ! 51S. The inversion technique allows us to reach a trapping efficiency of 90%. The dependence of the efficiency on the timing of the lattice inversion and on the trap laser power is studied. The dwell time of 50D5=2 Rydberg atoms in the lattice is analyzed using lattice-induced photoionization. 

Reference: S. E. Anderson, K. C. Younge, and G. Raithel, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 263001 (2011).

Title: A compact, transportable, microchip-based system for high repetition rate production of Bose–Einstein condensates 

Abstract: We present a compact, transportable system that produces Bose–Einstein condensates near the surface of an integrated atom microchip. The system occupies a volume of 0.4 m3, operates at a repetition rate as high as 0.3 Hz, and consumes an average power of 525 W. Evaporative cooling in a chip trap with trap frequencies of several kilohertz leads to nearly pure condensates containing 1.9_104 87Rb atoms. Partial condensates are observed at a temperature of 1.58_8_ _K, close to the theoretical transition temperature of 1.1 _K.

Reference: Daniel M. Farkas, Kai M. Hudek, Evan A. Salim, Stephen R. Segal, Matthew B. Squires, and Dana Z. Anderson, Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 093102 (2010).


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