Title:Quantum Journal Club: Antiferromagnetic Spinor Condensates in a Two-Dimensional Optical Lattice
Speaker: Xianghao Mu Tsinghua University
Time: 2016-03-17 16:00-2016-03-17 17:00


We experimentally demonstrate that spin dynamics and the phase diagram of spinor condensates can be conveniently tuned by a two-dimensional optical lattice. Spin population oscillations and a lattice-tuned separatrix in phase space are observed in every lattice where a substantial superfluid fraction exists. In a sufficiently deep lattice, we observe a phase transition from a longitudinal polar phase to a brokenaxisymmetry phase in steady states of lattice-confined spinor condensates. The steady states are found to depend sigmoidally on the lattice depth and exponentially on the magnetic field. We also introduce a phenomenological model that semiquantitatively describes our data without adjustable parameters.