Title:Quantum Journal Club: Source-device-independent Ultra-fast Quantum Random Number Generation
Speaker: Hong-yi Zhou Tsinghua University
Time: 2016-11-10 16:00-2016-11-10 17:00


Secure random numbers are a fundamental element of many applications in science, statistics, cryptography and more in general in security protocols. We present a method that enables the generation of high-speed unpredictable random numbers from the quadratures of an electromagnetic field without any assumption on the input state. The method allows to eliminate the numbers that can be predict due the presence of classical and quantum side information. In particular, we introduce a procedure to estimate a bound on the conditional min-entropy based on the Entropic Uncertainty Principle for position and momentum observables of infinite dimensional quantum systems. By the above method, we experimentally demonstrated the generation of secure true random bits at a rate greater than 1 Gbit/s.