IIIS Freshmen and Graduates Arrived

August 23,2016 Views: 0

Scheduled 4 weeks before the start of the fall semester, the “Month of Welcome” of Tsinghua University kicked off on Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016. This year, 35 YaoClass freshmen and 20 graduates joined IIIS.

YaoClass freshmen 2016 registered on Aug. 17 and YaoClass admission from other departments was also started on the same day. Graduates of 2016 arrived on campus on Aug. 23, including 14 PhD candidates and 6 master candidates. With the careful planning and work of students and teachers, freshman and graduate move-in went smoothly.

The annual welcome month features a variety of activities and events, such as academic guidance, lecture on career development, lab safety training and others, to help students adjust to college life before classes begin on Sep. 12.

(By Shuai Sun, photo by Kewei Nie)