Prof. Duan Luming Gave a Lecture on Quantum Computation

May 11,2016 Views: 0

Prof. Duan Luming delivered an invited lecture entitled “Quantum Computation: from Bohr-Einstein Debates on Quantum Mechanics to the New Era of Computation Science” on May 9, 2016, as a part of the Living Library of Tsinghua University.

Starting with Bohr-Einstein’s debates on quantum mechanics, Prof. Duan introduced the conceptual framework of quantum computing and advanced algorithm of quantum index, and then brought detailed information on how to realize quantum computer in physical system and the application of quantum computation in network security, material design, quantum chemistry, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This lecture attracted over a hundred students of relevant schools from several universities. After his lecture, Prof. Duan took questions from the floor and had a warm interaction with the audience students.

The lecture was hosted by IIIS Graduate Union, with support from Graduate Union of Tsinghua University and Department of Physics. The Living Library project of Tsinghua University is an event designed to create a face-to-face encounter or dialogue between mentors and students.


(By Shuai Sun, photo by Yanbin Yang)