Nature Physics Views on IIIS's Research on Quantum Replication

January 09,2014 Views: 0

The recent research by a IIIS team composed by Giulio Chiribella, Yuxiang Yang and Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, entitled Quantum replication at the Heisenberg limit and published on Nature Communications last month, has caught world-wide attention.

The latest issue of Nature Physics contains a news report with the title “Quantum information: The occasional super clock-cloner” advertising this research to the general public. The report, written by Prof. John Calsamiglia of Barcelona University, describes the new phenomenon discovered by the IIIS team as “a surprising mechanism that will perhaps prompt some pondering about the impossible versus the improbable in quantum information theory.”

The research that led to this discovery is supported by the 973 Guiding Project on “Genuine Quantum Network”, by the National Natural Science Foundation of China through Grants 11350110207, 61033001, and 61061130540.

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